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Target practice TS-10 French 10pcs

Professional, paper silhouetted discs with dimensions of 400x600 mm commonly used in the training of Polish police and other uniformed services. It depicts the figure of measuring a letter with a revolver and scored fields / areas of the body responsible attacker effectiveness of our fire. With the black staining przestrzeliny are clearly visible.

Cena: €2.50

Crosman - Airgun Summit with 3-9x40 Scope - 4,5 mm; EK<17J

Summit airgun rifle manufactured by the renowned American company Crosman. Set includes 3-9x40 scope with mount.

Cena: €174.75

Crosman - Airgun Vantage - 4,5 mm ; EK<17J

Vantage airgun rifle manufactured by the renowned American company Crosman. 

Cena: €99.75

BB pellet Golden Devils 4,5 mm 1500 pieces

Steel shot is a spherical type BB, mainly intended for smoothbore rifles .. Thanks spherical shape perfectly with inline magazines popular among quick-compressed CO2-powered BB guns. Caliber 4.46 mm

Cena: €4.75

Pistol Walther CP99 Compact CZ. cal. 4,5,, EK<17J

This compacted version of the Walther P99 is modeled after the gun used by special forces as their back-up pistol. This popular CO2 powered BB air pistol captures realism with its BLOWBACK, semi-automatic action and features a Picatinny mount to allow easy installation of accessories such as a Walther Laser Sight.

Cena: €137.25

Pistol Swiss Arms P92 CO2; 4,5mm; EK<17J

The KWC Taurus M92/Cybergun GSG-92is a CO2 powered 4.5mm all metal BB pistol. This detailed BB shooter is styled after the Beretta FS 92 and features a full size drop out metal magazine that holds both the 4.5mm BB's and the CO2 cartridge. It features a working slide with realistic blowback operation and can be fully field stripped just like the actual sidearm.

Cena: €137.25

CO2 Capsule Crosman 12G

CO2 capsule for airguns or CO2-operated Air Soft Guns.

Cena: €0.50

Pistol ASG BERSA Thunder 9 PRO 4,5mm CO2; EK<17J

The ASG Bersa Thunder 9 is very accurate replica of the real steel version in terms of looks, with full licensed Bersa trademarks and even the 9x19 caliber markings in the slide ejection port area.

Cena: €49.75

Pistol SIG SAUER P226 X-Five; 4,5mm CyberGun

The Cybergun Sig Sauer P226 X Five is a CO2 powered 4.5mm all metal BB pistol. This detailed BB shooter is a replica of the real Sig Sauer P226 X Five and features a full size drop out metal magazine that holds both the 4.5mm BB's and the CO2 cartridge.

Cena: €137.25

Multitool Leatherman Rev Box

Introducing the Leatherman Rev. This all-new multi-tool allows you to grab a toolbox full of functionality and keep it at your fingertips, no matter where you might be: under the hood, at the campground, finishing honey-do projects around the house or cracking open a cold one at the tailgate. 
Cena: €39.75

Night Scope Walther Digi View Pro Digital

Walther tactical night vision scope with sensitive opto-electronic, digital low-light amplifier. The DigiView Pro is equiped with a variable intensity infrared (IR) illuminator that can be used as an additional light source.

Cena: €292.25

Flashlight Olight R40 XM-L2 Seeker BLK

The R40 is a convenient and powerful rechargeable LED flashlight ideal for police, security, industrial, emergency and home applications alike.

Cena: €99.75

Binoculars Bushnell Bear Grylls 10x42 Roof Prism

Named after the infamous explorer himself, these binoculars are designed to take a real beating. With a shockproof, weatherproof and waterproof housing, this bargain pair of binoculars are perfect for the budding explorer, both young and old alike.

Cena: €174.75

Acustic alarm SCHRILL

The Shrill Alarm Original TW 1000 is a simple to operate alarm siren that is easy to activate, even in panic situations. The Shrill Alarm emits a high-frequency tone of 110 dB.

Cena: €9.75

Bushcraft Camo Stick - 60g - Green/Brown - BCB

A convenient two-tone camo stick that creates pattern disrupting stripes quickly and effectively without the need for a mirror. The IR reflective formula also moisturises the skin. It offers you a high sun protection factor (SPF) of 65. 

Cena: €7.25

Pepper Spray Umarex Perfecta Police 50ml

Pepper Spray Umarex Perfecta Police 50ml.

Cena: €6.25

Pepper spray KolterGuard-Pro 50ml gel

Defensive gas produced on the basis of the biological agent Avenger Pro. Safe for the user, dangerous for attacker. It also works for those who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Paralyzes the respiratory system, causing burning eyes, nose and constriction, which subdues attacker for about 20 minutes.

Cena: €11.25

Green Gas H&K Battle Gas ASG - 3qty. x 100ml

High quality and efficient green gas Heckler & Koch High Pressure, manufactured by the renowned German company Umarex. 

Cena: €18.75

Universal gun holster Crosman

Made from Cordura universal holster on the belt. The safety strap from falling is adjustable in length and is fastened to the metal clip. The holster has a pocket for the magazine.
Holster is not designed to carry when operating bib.

Cena: €7.50

Steel handcuffs with chain Perfecta HC200 - nickel

Nickel-plated steel handcuffs with chain with double lock safety

Cena: €17.25

Crosman - Pellets Pointed - 175 rounds - 5,5 mm

Designed for long range penetration. This is the pellet to use for pest control or field hunting. Comes 175 per tin, and is a reliable, inexpensive hunting pellet.

Cena: €3.25

Gamo - Pellets Expander - 250 rounds - 4,5 mm

Gamo - Pellets Expander - 250 rounds - 4,5 mm

Cena: €2.75

Gamo - Pellets Match - 250 pcs - 4,5 mm

This is a precision pellet. A relatively lightweight and flat head that cuts targets cleanly makes this pellet tops for shooters wanting tight groups. 

Cena: €2.50

Switchblade knife AK 47 Long

The larger version of spring stylized knife bayonet rifle AK-47. Perfect gift for all fans of the military.

Cena: €12.50

Kohga the dart Shuriken Ninja 3 pc. Set of arms 6-7-8

A set of three shuriken - flying blades that are equipped Ninja. Made entirely from stainless steel 420.

Cena: €10.00

Rifle STEEL FORCE cal. 4,5mm UMAREX - ekp<17J

The Umarex Steel Force CO2 BB Rifle is designed on the AR platform and for the most part is about the right size shape and look of an AR pr M16 rifle. Even the selector switch, magazine release, rear adjustable stock and Charging handle function just like a real AR!

Cena: €199.75

Rifle STEEL STORM cal. 4,5mm UMAREX - ekp<17J

The Umarex Steel Storm Tactical 4.5mm BB gun has a 30 shot spring fed magazine capacity along with a gravity fed 300-round BB reserve that makes reloading even faster and easier! This allows you to shoot 5 6-shot bursts in "full-auto" mode very quickly, you can also shoot in single shot semi-auto mode. 

Cena: €174.75

Machete Cold Steel Kukri 97KMS

If you were suddenly castaway on a desert island or stranded in the wilderness or a jungle, what's the one tool you would want at your side? The answer is a good machete. 

Cena: €37.25

Pistol Makarov Baikal MP-654K- nickel - CO2 BB; EK<17J

Baikal Makarov MP-654K CO2 BB Pistol is made side by side using the same machine sand same materials as the original Makarov PM (9x18) firearm that it is Replica of. There simply is not another airgun made to this quality level or that is as accurate a replica of it's real steel version.

Cena: €162.25

Knife "Butterfly" Joker Madeira Hoja Tanto - 10 cm

Made of stainless steel, classic-type knife "butterfly" the firebrand type tanto. The stem cutter is formed such that when the knife is assembled, acts dodgeball glazing and kubotanu.

Cena: €12.25

Condor - Pistol Case - Black

The Condor Pistol Case made of 1000D Polyester in black color. 

Cena: €42.25

Winchester Walther Lever A Steel Finish - cal. 4,5mm, ekp<17J

Lever Action, airgun powered by carbon dioxide, faithfully reproduces the behavior of the legendary Winchester, used in the Wild West.

Cena: €389.75

Bolle - B-Clean Anti-Fog Kit - B200

B-Clean Anti-fog kit manufactured by Bolle company. Designed for glasses and goggles, it's also ideal for wiping the surface of the phone or GPS device screen, camera or video camera lens, monitor and many others.

Cena: €11.25

I Edycja Zawodów Sportowych

13.11.2016 na terenie strzelnicy w Górze Kalwarii odbędzie się I Edycja Zawodów Sportowych. Organizatorem jest Polskie Stowarzyszenie Kolekcjonerów Broni Palnej i Strzelectwa Sportowego wraz z Nadwiślańskim Towarzystwem Strzeleckim, a Strefa Celu partneruje temu wydarzeniu.

Broń pneumatyczna, wiatrówki, 17J, FAC – co to wszystko oznacza? Czy trzeba mieć pozwolenie?

W żadnej ze znanych mi konkurencji, nie jest oceniany poziom zniszczenia ostrzeliwanego celu. Dlaczego więc nie docenić broni pneumatycznej?

Pozwolenie na broń do celów sportowych - krok po kroku

Wbrew powszechnej opinii dostęp do broni palnej w Polsce nie jest tematem tabu. Każdy pełnoletni, zdrowy i niekarany obywatel może ubiegać się o pozwolenie na broń do celów sportowych. Dowiedz się jak to zrobić.
Steel handcuffs with chain Perfecta HC200 - nickel
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