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Combat Shooting Book, Author : MAD LEAF

One of the best-selling and best-rated books in our store, now in English.

It's written by one of the most recognizable Polish shooter - Mad Leaf - former counter-terrorist unit operator, sharpshooter, winner of multiple prestigious shooting competitions, current Polish IDPA National Champion. Former full-time, official shooting, self-defence and enforcement instructor for military and civilian special forces (Polish equivalents of the Defence Intelligence Agency and of the FBI). Firearms have been an integral and important part of his daily life for a quarter of a century. Currently a specialist in defensive shooting techniques and founder of the CRF System.

There are QR codes inside to scan with a smartphone, which will redirect you to a video demonstrating in detail, for example, how the correct position should look like.


The following list of 9 chapters shows what topics are covered in the book :

  1. Safety
  2. Gun Handling Techniques
  3. Shooting Stances
  4. Defensive Shooting Technique
  5. Kinesthetic habits as the basic method of perfecting combat shooting techniques
  6. Firearms
  7. Terminal ballistics
  8. Pistol ammunition
  9. Shotgun ammunition (12/70 and 12/76)
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  • Beretta
  • Riton Optics
  • Double-Alpha Academy BV
  • WileyX
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  • Breda
  • Glock
  • Ceska Zbrojovka
  • Phalanx Defense Systems
  • Daniel Defense
  • S&B
  • IMI Defense LTD.
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  • Stil Crin Accessori per Pulizia, Armi
  • Cobalt Kinetics
  • 5.11 Tactical
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